How is making gel candles different from making regular candles?

Gels have become an extremely popular option that people are taking instead of using wax for candles. This is mainly because these look extra pretty due to the transparency and the reflection of colors. The gel that is used in gel candles is made of 95 percent mineral oil and 5 percent polymer resin. The high density gels can hold higher levels of fragrance and are therefore best for scented candles.

The process of making gel candles is similar to that of making regular candles. However, the equipment that you need and some the techniques are different. The gel wax will take too long to melt if you use a regular double boiler and therefore it is better to use a multi cooker or a pan with a non-stick coating.

Use a separate thermometer to check the temperature of the gel when you are heating it and allow it to reach at least 260 degrees Fahrenheit to 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of wooden sticks that you use to stir regular wax, you will need to use a plastic or metal stirrer. However, if you want the gel candle to contain bubbles you should actually use a wooden ladle for stirring.

Other than these differences the process of making gel candles is similar to making regular candles. You can just pour the gel into the containers and allow them to set. The feeling of a finished gel candle is slightly harder than jelly. Adding colors to gel candles can also make them look extremely pretty and there are some extraordinary options available in the market.




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