How is making gel candles different from making regular candles?

Gels have become an extremely popular option that people are taking instead of using wax for candles. This is mainly because these look extra pretty due to the transparency and the reflection of colors. The gel that is used in gel candles is made of 95 percent mineral oil and 5 percent polymer resin. The high density gels can hold higher levels of fragrance and are therefore best for scented can...


Many people feel that candles are not safe to use? Is that true?

While candles are known to be one of the most leading causes of household fires the fact is that candles are safe if they are used with the safety precautions that are required. If you have bought a candle from a manufacturer then these need to be burnt in accordance with the instructions provided. When you are burning candles at home it is important that you never leave a burning candle unatten...


How can a wick be tabbed?

A wick is tabbed in order to ensure that it settles neatly at the center of the melted wax. A tabbed wick is far easier to insert in liquid wax than otherwise. In addition to that when a wick is tabbed you can actually place the wick in the container before starting to pour the melted wax. This is something that helps to a large extent in getting it right because the wax does not start to solidi...


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