How to Make Wine Glass Candles

Creating a wine goblet candle and using it for a dinner party can be extremely gratifying. To make one you will need candle wax that is meant for containers, a wine goblet, a cotton core wick, small wick clips, dye and fragrance (optional), a centering bar, steamer and melting pot, wooden sticks to stir wax, thermometer and scissors. It is important that you have a completely clean and spotless...


How to make Tealight Candles

A tealight candle is basically a candle that is cased in a metal or plastic casing. Most of the tealights that are made are small and can fit into the palm. To make your own tealight candle at home you will need candle wax, cups to hold the tealight candles, wick, self-centering wick clips, a steamer pot, a melting pot, wooden sticks or chopsticks for stirring, a thermometer and scissors. You ca...


How is making gel candles different from making regular candles?

Gels have become an extremely popular option that people are taking instead of using wax for candles. This is mainly because these look extra pretty due to the transparency and the reflection of colors. The gel that is used in gel candles is made of 95 percent mineral oil and 5 percent polymer resin. The high density gels can hold higher levels of fragrance and are therefore best for scented can...


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