Melting and Pouring System

Wax should never be heated directly on the fire. This means that you cannot just place the wax in the pan and put it on the stove to melt. You will need a double boiler for the same. There are various kinds of double boilers that you will get in the market and you can just choose a size that meets your needs. If you do not want to start investing money in buying hardware before you can decide how you feel about this hobby, you can create a double boiler with a steamer pot and a melting pot.

Another option that you have to create a double boiler is to use a pouring pot on top of a deep pot or saucepan. You will need to find two such utensils in your home to be able to do this. Using a pouring pot as a melting pot can help in pouring the wax into containers easily. Some people do not like the idea of spoiling their good utensils. In such a case you can use a coffee pot in a saucepan filled with water too.

It is a good idea to use a pouring pot for melting the wax because it makes pouring easier. If you do not have a pouring pot you are likely to spill the wax while pouring it into smaller containers. The only other alternate is to use a ladle for pouring; something that is not a great idea since the wax melts extremely fast and may result in a lot of wastage.



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