How to Make Wine Glass Candles

Creating a wine goblet candle and using it for a dinner party can be extremely gratifying. To make one you will need candle wax that is meant for containers, a wine goblet, a cotton core wick, small wick clips, dye and fragrance (optional), a centering bar, steamer and melting pot, wooden sticks to stir wax, thermometer and scissors.

It is important that you have a completely clean and spotless wine glass to start with. Tab the wick so that it is ready for you to insert after pouring the wax in the wine glass. Melt the wax in the double boiler that you can create with a steamer and a boiler with a spout. Wait for all the wax to liquefy and stir to spread the temperature evenly. The wax will melt at about 130 degrees Fahrenheit but you need to wait till the temperature shows a 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Add in the candle dye and the fragrance last of all.

Once you have done that, you can start pouring out the wax into the wine goblet and stop when it reaches the level where you want it to be. Since the wax comes in contact with the wine glass, it will start to solidify very soon. It is a good idea to add in the wick quickly. Ensure that the wick tab does not touch the base since it will show through the glass if you do so. Use the centering bar to suspend the wick in the wax. When the wax is set you may see a sunken area around the wick. This is normal. You just have to carefully pour some more wax in that area and allow it to settle.



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