Candle Wicks

The other main material that you require for making candles is a wick. These days we can buy various kinds of wicks directly from the craft shop but there was a time when these were made at home. The wick is an important part of the candle since the manner in which it sits in the candle decides the manner in which the candle will burn. There are essentially three types of wicks - cored, flat and...


How can a wick be tabbed?

A wick is tabbed in order to ensure that it settles neatly at the center of the melted wax. A tabbed wick is far easier to insert in liquid wax than otherwise. In addition to that when a wick is tabbed you can actually place the wick in the container before starting to pour the melted wax. This is something that helps to a large extent in getting it right because the wax does not start to solidi...


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