How to Make Floating Candles

Floating candles can be extremely intriguing to watch. These can form a great center piece when you have guests over. To make floating candles you will need a votive blend wax, an un-tabbed zinc core wick, a small mold that is slightly larger at the top and the basic candle making equipment like double boiler, thermometer, scissors, paper towels and dye and fragrance if you want.

Start with preparing the mold and keeping them ready in a line and melting the wax. This should never be done directly on the fire and therefore you will need a double boiler where the wax melts due to the heat of the water. Continue stirring the wax with some wooden sticks till it has melted completely. Make sure that there are no lumps whatsoever in the melted wax. You can add in the color if you want to create a colored candle and the candle fragrance just before pouring the wax into the molds.

The wick will have to be put in immediately and you will need to ensure that the skin has not formed on top of the wax in the containers. You will have to allow the candles to cool for some time. Make sure that they have set completely before you try popping them out of the container. Cut off the wick at a manageable length.

Now that you have your floating candle ready you can drop it into a goblet or wine glass or place it in a votive holder with water.



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