How to make Tealight Candles

A tealight candle is basically a candle that is cased in a metal or plastic casing. Most of the tealights that are made are small and can fit into the palm. To make your own tealight candle at home you will need candle wax, cups to hold the tealight candles, wick, self-centering wick clips, a steamer pot, a melting pot, wooden sticks or chopsticks for stirring, a thermometer and scissors. You can choose to use candle fragrance and color dye chips if you want colorful and scented candles. You should also keep paper towels, aluminum foil and scrap paper to cover the working area.

If you cover the burner bowls with aluminum foil you shall be able to clean up the drips easily. Keep the tealight cups or containers on a flat surface in a row. Put the tabbed tealight wicks in each of the containers so that they are ready to receive the wax. Make sure that they are in the center to ensure that the candle burns symmetrically.

Use a steamer pot and a melting pot with sprouts for pouring to melt the wax. This makes a double boiler and you can place some water in the bottom pan and place the burner with the wax in it. Set it to a high temperature. Make sure that you break large pieces of wax into small ones for proper melting. When the entire wax turns into a liquid allow the wax to get hotter. You should ensure that the temperature of the wax reaches about 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the time you can add in the dye. If you want to add fragrance, this is the last thing that you should do before pouring the wax into the containers.



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