How can a wick be tabbed?

A wick is tabbed in order to ensure that it settles neatly at the center of the melted wax. A tabbed wick is far easier to insert in liquid wax than otherwise. In addition to that when a wick is tabbed you can actually place the wick in the container before starting to pour the melted wax. This is something that helps to a large extent in getting it right because the wax does not start to solidify in the container while you are inserting the wicks.

Tabbed wicks are used for votves and tealight candles. For these candles you can use pre-tabbed wicks that you can get from the market. However, if you are making container candles or pillars you will need to tab the wicks on your own. Here is what you need to do.

Get the right wick for the candles that you are making along with wick clips, pliers, scissors and a ruler. Measure the length of the wick that you need and cut it. Generally you will need about 2.5 inches for votives, 1.5 inches for tealights and larger sizes for container candles (the length will depend on the size of the container). You may want to always have some extra length in order to be completely sure that you will have enough wick for the candle.

The wick clip has a small hollow at the top. You can thread the wick right through this hole. Make sure that you start from the back and pull all the way up since the wick gets in more easily from this end. It is also therefore important to note that you need to buy wick clips according to the thickness of the wick that you are using. Squeeze the stem of the wick clip in the wick and you have your very own tabbed wick ready.



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